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Benzo Brain: Cognitive Dysfunction and Memory Loss in Withdrawal

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Do you know much about the cognitive effects of benzodiazepines and Z-drugs? Perhaps you should. Memory loss, cognitive dysfunction, and intrusive memories are all possible symptoms of benzo use and withdrawal.

In today’s episode, we talk about the damage benzodiazepines and Z-drugs can inflict on our mental capacity. We also hear a benzo story from England, answer a question about GABA receptors, and learn what it really feels like to heal. BTW, it feels good.

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00:00 Introduction 11:42 Mailbag 13:39 Benzo News 15:50 Benzo Story 20:33 FEATURE: Benzo Brain 40:54 Moment of Peace



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FEATURE: Benzo Brain



In today’s intro, I was feeling good — and I shared that with the listeners. My healing has been progressing and I’m now, ever so slowly, getting my life back. Actually, I’m getting a better life than I had. And I wanted to share that with the listeners as a reminder that healing does take place and there are good things on the other side.

I also talked about limited the length of the podcast episodes down to 45 minutes or so. I felt that they were getting too long and I explained that this might include making some sections periodic.



This is where we share questions and comments which were discussed:

  • QUESTION: Do Your GABA Receptors Heal During Titration? This comment was from Kathy in Colorado, USA. She wanted to know if her GABA receptors were healing during titration (or taper). I told her they probably were and that when you start reducing the amount of drug in your body, homeostasis kicks in again and starts the rebalancing effect— but this process can take a very long time.


Benzo Story

Today’s story was from a Nancy in England.



Today’s featured topic: Benzo Brain: Cognitive Dysfunction and Memory Loss in Withdrawal.

This was the fifth installment in our 14-part series on benzo withdrawal symptoms. It focused on cognitive effects of benzo withdrawal which included cognitive dysfunction, memory loss, and intrusive memories. I discussed each symptom at length and included several references which can be seen in our links above


The Podcast

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