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Benzo Survey Research in Psychology Today!

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

May 12, 2022 – Exciting News! The first paper from the Benzodiazepine Survey of 2018-2019 was the subject of an article today in Psychology Today. Author Christopher Lane, Ph.D. reviewed and summarized many of the significant findings in the research, in addition to blending in some of the early findings from Hollister and Lader.

The first paper on the survey was published on April 25, 2022, titled: “Experiences with benzodiazepine use, tapering, and discontinuation: an Internet survey.” Our team has been working on this research for three years now, and finally, we have the first paper published in the journal “Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology.” And this is just the first, many more are slated to follow.

This article helps to raise awareness of this issue, and it is another step forward in the progress we are making. Thanks to everyone who work everyday to help raise awareness and educate others on benzos and BIND.

D E Foster


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