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Benzo Withdrawal Help (Jennifer Leigh, PhD)

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

After earning a doctorate in psychology, Dr. Jennifer Leigh, “Dr. Jenn,” became a coach. As an award-winning author, she appeared on national radio and TV. Her work was showcased in top-tier newspapers and magazines. Psychology Today asked her to be a contributor. But that coaching career came to a halt when the benzodiazepine she took as prescribed damaged her brain. Dr. Jenn blogged honestly about her ordeal, sharing her experience with others. Recovered, she helps people around the world who are in benzo withdrawal.

Dr. Jenn trained under the top traumatologists, Dr. Peter Levin and Bessel van Der Kolk, and is certified in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University, and studies in the Gut Microbiome.

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Podcast Interview

Listen to our interviews with Jennifer Leigh on the Benzo Free Podcast: Benzo Community, Healing, and Support

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