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On the Road with Benzos (Part 1 of 1…or 2)

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

We’re back on the road with a 4,400-mile round trip from Colorado to Florida. During this trip, your host shares his personal experiences traveling with protracted withdrawal symptoms along with some valuable lessons learned.

Welcome to part 1. In today’s episode, D shares a more positive take on benzo mornings, discusses setting boundaries with family, looks at a few benefits of slowing down, struggles with benzo brain, and shares a few other topics which arise.

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00:57 Introduction

06:55 On the Road in Kansas

09:58 Benefits of Slowing Down

17:15 Flying vs. Driving – An analogy (or metaphor)

20:23 Mobile Gas Station – A Tale from a Different Journey

25:55 Eisenhower Presidential Library

27:52 On the Trail / Chronic Anxiety Pressure

30:54 Benzo Brain (Part 1)

32:27 Allowing Yourself to Feel Good

37:41 Find Your Place for Peace

38:34 Benzo Moring w/ a Positive Twist

41:13 Family Boundaries and Successes

44:49 Pleasures of the Season

46:57 Family / Yesterday was a Good Day

52:12 The Good Days and Bad Days

54:20 Moment of Peace



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— Road Trip Photos: (no longer available)

— BOOK: "In Praise of Slowness: Challenging the Cult of Speed" by Carl Honore —



In today’s intro, I talk briefly about the road trip and the one or two-part series which it generated, allowing the listeners to decide if there would be part two of this episode. We also discussed the server issues with the website and a few other opening topics.


Feature: Road Trip

Today is part one, of possible two parts, of our 4,400-mile road trip from Colorado to Florida and back. Lots of thoughts, ideas, struggles, difficulties, joys, successes, and any other thing you can image combined into almost three weeks on the road. I hope you enjoy this episode, let me know what you think.


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