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random thoughts on a sleepless night | prequel | uneven 36

Another sleepless night and I just pressed record. No agenda, just thoughts. Companionship, making friends, brain cramps, mental health, pillow preference and a new Buc-ees. Just a friend — talking to another friend — trying to sleep. Sweet dreams.


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0:00:00 no topic for this one

0:02:24 the emotional wall

0:04:03 our collective struggles

0:04:49 the gift of companionship

0:06:32 those who are alone

0:08:30 listening to podcasts in bed

0:09:15 not crossing the creepy line

0:12:47 new buc-ees / random thought

0:14:07 i don't swear normally

0:14:48 bathroom break & boundaries

0:15:58 making friends as we age

0:19:40 cognitive dysfunction

0:20:22 fairness of mental health struggles

0:23:51 not seeking sympathy

0:25:28 what type of pillow do you like?

0:27:55 i used to sleep in the buff

0:29:23 want to play some parcheesi?

0:29:58 insomnia and mental distraction

0:31:08 time to get back to sleep


Recording Info

— RECORDED: Tuesday, April 2, 2024

— LOCATION: Colorado


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Welcome to “uneven,” a podcast about life, anxiety, and being human. In such a chaotic world, how do we better our lives and the lives of those around us? Maybe, just maybe, we might find a few solutions together. Join veteran podcaster D E Foster as he explores the intimate struggles so many of us experience — often in silence. I hope you’ll join us.


The uneven podcast is for general information purposes only and should never be considered medical, psychological, or any other form of health advice. Health-related information provided is not a substitute for professional advice and should not be used to diagnose or treat health problems or to prescribe any medical devices, psychological treatments, or other remedies. Never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it.

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uneven theme music

— TITLE: From the Earth

— ARTIST: Humans Win

— PUBLISHER: Lance Conrad (BMI)


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Hi D, I like a memory foam pillow and yes I take my pillow when I travel. Next week we’re going to California and I’m wondering what i don’t need to accommodate and make room in my suitcase for my pillow. I too am ADHD and I wonder if that’s why we so loved how well the benzodiazepines worked until they didn’t.

Also you are the opposite of creepy, just honest, fearless with your thoughts and sharing your wisdom.

Keep on sharing, we are listening 🤗

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