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Much of our content is free to the general public and supported only by the generous donations of people like you. Thank you for your generosity.

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common questions about donations

Is my donation secure?


All online donations are processed securely through PayPal.

Why are you asking for donations?

To keep what we do free and available to as many people as possible.


All of the donations we receive here are used to support our podcast, videos, and articles which are provided for free to the general public.

How are donation funds allocated?

Donation funds are allocated primarily to operating expenses, expanding our content and services, and supporting benzo community organizations, research, and education. 

Is Easing Anxiety



We've considered becoming non-profit many times, but most have advised us against it. Easing Anxiety remains part of a small S-Corp owned by D E Foster titled Denim Mountain Press.


a heartfelt thank you
to all who donated.

Your generous gift helps us more than you know.

If you would like to join these individuals in support of what we do,

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our founding members

Our Founding Members have donated $500 or more to Easing Anxiety.

Pamela & Lee Smith
Burke Maxted
Wendy Larman
Charles Keith
Joanna Dalin
Trevor Rubinoff

our patrons

Our Patrons have donated $100 or more to Easing Anxiety.

Bridget LeRoy
Sean Shoeder
William Nelson
Kevin Agee
Michele Johnson
Paul Yancey
Nancy Muir
Susan Craig
Nancy Bingham

Steven Wright
Beatrice Scotoni-Fischer
Denise Kennedy
Lenore Nielsen
Donald Archer
Donna Harkins
Trevor Rubinoff
Tiago Pinto
Ka Tho

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