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BIND Symptoms

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Benzodiazepine-induced neurological dysfunction (BIND) can come with a barrage of expected, unexpected, and even sometimes bizarre physical and psychological symptoms. Neuroadaptation and neurotoxicity has caused the central nervous system to become hypersensitive and over-reactive to everyday stimuli, leaving these symptoms in its wake. 

The following is a list of possible side effects reported by individuals who have experienced difficulties during benzodiazepine withdrawal. We have categorized these symptoms into 14 categories. Seven are psychological symptoms including anxiety symptoms, behavioral symptoms, cognitive symptoms, excitability symptoms, perception symptoms, sleeping symptoms, and social symptoms. And the other seven are physical symptoms including abdominal/gastrointestinal symptoms, symptoms of the eyes, ears, nose & mouth, symptoms of the head & neck, symptoms of the heart & lungs, muscular symptoms, nerve sensations, and immune & endocrine symptoms.

We did a 14-part series on the Benzo Withdrawal focused on the various categories of withdrawal symptoms. Here is the introduction below. The remainder of the episodes can be found in their respective symptom categories following.

Benzo Free Podcast: Episode 8 An Introduction to Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms



This list is a general resource. Just like the list of possible side effects on a medication label, nobody will get all, or even most, of the symptoms listed. In fact, many discontinue benzodiazepines with little or no difficulty at all. For those who do have symptoms, it can be helpful to know that they might be caused by benzos, and that they will fade over time. If you are easily triggered by this type of content, you might want to refrain from reading.


Psychological Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

Behavioral Symptoms

Cognitive Symptoms

Excitability Symptoms

Perception Symptoms

Sleeping Symptoms

Social Symptoms


Physical Symptoms

Abdominal / Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Symptoms of the Eyes, Ears, Nose & Mouth

Symptoms of the Head & Neck

Symptoms of the Heart & Lungs

Muscular Symptoms

Nerve Sensations

Immune & Endocrine Symptoms



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All information presented on Easing Anxiety is for informational purposes only, and should never be considered medical or health advice. Withdrawal, tapering, or any change in dosage of benzodiazepines or any other prescription drugs should only be done under the direct supervision of a licensed physician.

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