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BENZO STORY: Jane from Nova Scotia, Canada

Updated: Mar 23, 2023


A woman who suffers from fibromyalgia struggles with benzo withdrawal from Xanax after 30 years of use.



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Jane’s Story

I am 68-years-old, a very active person all my life. In the early 80s, I developed fibromyalgia and eventually was prescribed Xanax for anxiety and sleep over the course of nearly 30 years. I had my rough and tumble days with fms — with days of more energy in which I overdid it and landed myself useless for a few days. Until I finally developed a routine, in which my quality of life was indeed better.

…was prescribed Xanax for anxiety and sleep over the course of nearly 30 years.

Over these years I took the Xanax and never used more than prescribed. In fact, I only took it at bedtime and odd time in the day. I was on a dose of 0.5mg.

Then, back in March of 2017, I felt the need to take more and did not understand why at the time. But, in hindsight now I know my body needed more to work and I recognized that I was taking more — still staying on my prescribed dose. I knew I needed help. I went to my family GP and asked him to help with reducing my Xanax dose with an aim of not taking any eventually. That led me down a nightmarish path that scared the living hell out of of me.

…I told him I have to call 911.

I was tapered by my doctor too quickly and was never told of the issues I would experience. I was on a path to hell on earth thinking I was loosing my mind. I woke on a Sunday morning in such a state that even though my husband was home, I told him I have to call 911. He followed the ambulance to the hospital. I was terrified, as I felt like I was gonna have a stroke or convulsions and that awful feeling one gets on a quick taper. My blood pressure when the EHS took it at my house was 200/100. I never had issues with high blood pressure.

Long story short, I was lucky to see a doctor in emergency who knew what the hell I was going through. I was prescribed 0.5mg, four times a day for enough days until I could see my doctor with this doctor’s recommendations. Still, he did not address the issues I was going through and it was impossible to get help in my area with the mental health issues I was dealing with. So, I had no choice but to go to a facility 8 hours from my home and family at a cost of 11,000 Canadian dollars. That was one thing, but this facility in hindsight was not the place for me. The doctor who represented this facility was 2 hours away and he was a GP. He wanted me off the 0.5mg in 30 days. I knew I could not do this

I was on 0.5mg once a day after a month of tapering, but the doctor wanted me off the Xanax altogether in the month, and assured me I would have no feelings like I did that Sunday morning a month before when I had to call 911. I went home on the 0.5mg twice-a-day and he, as well as my family doc, did not at any time tell me the hell I was to experience. With no help from my GP or mental health in my area, I had all I could do to stay on this dose. But I did. But not without a lot of suffering, feeling like a drug addict.

As of April of 2019, I am on one Xanax at bedtime — and doing not too bad considering. I read everything I could on the Internet about what I was going through and why, which helped me understand and survive those dark days. To see a psychiatrist in my area was a 365 day wait — but here I am, never seeing him, doing well on my dose now. But not without one hell of a struggle. And I am trying to address my concerns with a facility that cost me 11 thousand to listen to me. As I feel I was misled, and spent that money unwisely as they were not in tune with the issues of benzo withdrawal and insisted on ignoring my calls / emails regarding my concerns.

If I could afford a lawyer, I would have them handle these concerns…

If I could afford a lawyer, I would have them handle these concerns, but 2017 put me in one financial as well as emotional roller coaster. But, I am keeping my head above water. Still, I feel they should take ownership for my concerns.

I am awaiting again for a response from this facility without triggering anxiety and stress — but I am so angry that my issues I had with them are not being addressed. (and do not want another benzo person to experience what I did with them.)

Thank you for listening, Jane


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