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BENZO STORY: Terry from Hot Springs, Arkansas

Updated: Mar 23, 2023


Benzo story of withdrawal from Klonopin as told through a series of emails spanning over 1 1/2 years.



  1. Key Topics: Anxiety, Benzos, Dependence, Withdrawal, Klonopin (clonazepam), Symptoms, Insomnia, Sleep apnea, Palpitations,

  2. Listen on the Podcast:


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Stories presented on Easing Anxiety may contain triggering content for certain segments of the population. If this is a concern for you, please refrain from reading any further. These stories are provided for informational purposes only and should never be considered medical advice. Opinions stated are those of the author only. See our disclaimer at the bottom of this post for more information.


Terry’s Story

I wanted to share a piece of my story. I am 17 months benzo-free, off Klonopin. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done.

I have had numerous symptoms, most along the vagus nerve corridor. Panic attacks. Heart palps. Gastro issues. Issues that I liken to a chemical stroke. I have lost bowel control and hardly been able to stand and walk. Probably, the most distressing has been sleeping issues such as central sleep apnea.

I have been encouraged by your podcast. I have been searching for a reassuring voice and you have provided one.

Keep up the great work, Terry

UPDATE: March 27, 2019

Your podcast has been a welcome “voice” added to Benzo Buddies and the Facebook forums out here. The healing time is so daunting. At 18 months, I still have a long way to go in my personal journey. Symptoms wax and wane, some soul crushing, but hearing your calm soothing voice of reason is a godsend.

Glad to hear that each week your audience grows!

UPDATE: April 21, 2019

D, my new reality is dealing with reactive hypoglycemia. This and the occasional air hunger is dogging me. But I just passed the 19 month mark and have seen improvement.

I really appreciated Jennifer’s (Podcast Interview with Jennifer Leigh) comment on contesting the conventional wisdom that at the 18 month mark you should be markedly healed. Not my reality. Keep up the good work.


UPDATE: April 22, 2019

D, if you come across anything about blood sugar fluctuations, I would be grateful.

I have seen a few posts on hypoglycemia on Benzo Buddies forum. I know there have been reports of blood sugar fluctuations during withdrawal, but I am assuming that was for people in acute and not whatever someone is at the 19-month mark. Not acute but certainly not healed.

Thanks much, Terry

UPDATE: May 31, 2019

Hey, D, I wanted to run something by you since you are a fellow Klonopin veteran.

I am 20 months “clean” and still having issues that I believe have a strong vagal nerve disfunction feeling to them. Wanted to get your thoughts on your experience.

Here is an odd one: vibration seems to effect me negatively. When I ride my lawnmower and get off, it’s as if I have difficulty with my balance and walking. I think my vagus nerve gets jarred and even have weird disassociation and even loss of vagal tone (blood pressure drop) upon getting off the machine. I have had the same thing happen climbing out of a golf cart. Odd? Yes.

Have you noticed anything like this?

Thanks, Terry

UPDATE: August 17, 2019

Always a new twist to Benzo Injury Syndrome.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at a movie theater. Having lately been dealing with reactive hypoglycemia, I grabbed a Taco Bell ultimate burrito (yes, Mexican food is my magic meal! Holds blood glucose level pretty well). I ate quickly so I would not be haggled by theater staff with eating outside food 🥘 😬.

I had just finished eating the burrito when I started salivating. Salivating in the way you do when you are nauseated. But I was not nauseous. It was like someone turned on a water faucet in my mouth. I was concerned, but thought this too will pass and an isolated incident. But over the past two weeks I have had daily episodes of mouth watering. Also, my digestive issues have kicked up.

I went to an ear-nose-throat doctor and he wants me to see my gastro doctor about possible dumping syndrome. I have not had any surgery on my gastric system. So, I am going, but suspect this is a cycling of gastro symptoms and the vagus disfunction we all deal with to some extent.

Wanted to share in the event someone has similar experience. Thanks for allowing me to share.


UPDATE: October 9, 2019

I want to tell you how much I appreciated your “On-the-road podcast.” I was in Atlanta on a business trip myself having real issues with my symptoms and trying to perform in a productive business environment. I put your podcast on and we journeyed together in downtown Atlanta! I had a great walk with you. What a blessing it was.

Lately, and as mentioned before, my main issue is with reactive hypoglycemia or what I believe now may be post prandial syndrome. I have not been formally diagnosed with this but I have narrowed down the symptoms and they are markedly the same as you can look up. The syndrome can be brought on by adrenal fatigue or other compromised neurological systems.

Anyway, great listening to you road trip and interview podcast. What a great time. Anyway, if your journey takes you along interstate 40 through the Little Rock area let me know. Hot Springs where is am would be off your path but you may take the southern route to Florida and might swing this way. Keep me in mind if practical.

Thanks and God bless and keep


UPDATE: October 13, 2020


Glad to see you back from sabbatical.

I just past the three-year benzo-free mark, and although “better,” I still struggle with some residual symptoms as well. Mostly digestive and cardiovascular.

I struggle with vagal induced palpitations. They come and go. I have had stress tests and other work ups. Still, it is hard to come to terms that my withdrawal symptoms have carried over to year three plus. I really wanted to be one of those “woo hoo I have completely healed guys”. Guess that will not be the case.

Thanks for your podcast.

I have missed you, friend, Terry

UPDATE: October 15, 2020

Brother, it’s soul crushing to say the least. Seems like I spend my days seeking validation for my reality. Appreciate your good work. You have helped me and countless others.



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