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Finding Faith, Hope, and Acceptance in Benzo Withdrawal: A Conversation with Jennifer Leigh, PsyD

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Can a unique blend of neuroscience, compassion, and spirituality be the secret to success in benzo withdrawal? Jennifer Leigh seems to think so. And so do many of the people she has coached.

Our interview guest today is Jennifer Leigh, PsyD. In this enlightened conversation, Jennifer shares neurological insights she has acquired from her doctorate studies in psychology along with lessons from her own personal journey through withdrawal. You don’t want to miss this one.

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FEATURE: Interview with Jennifer Leigh, PsyD



In today’s intro, I talked a bit about the loneliness and isolation caused by benzodiazepine and nonbenzodiazepine withdrawal. I mentioned that all of us in the benzo community are friends and look out for another, and talked about a wish to have a commune where all could heal.



This is where we share questions and comments which were discussed:

  • COMMENT: Has anyone had these symptoms for this long? This comment was from Holly, who wanted to know if her hypersensitivity and irritability are permanent. I shared that most of us ask the same questions repeatedly during withdrawal, and that by all accounts, we do heal. It just takes a long time in some cases.


Benzo Stories

Our benzo story was from Jennifer today, which was included in her interview.



Today’s featured topic: Finding Faith, Hope, and Acceptance in Benzo Withdrawal: A Conversation with Jennifer Leigh, PsyD

Today’s feature was an interview with Jennifer Leigh, PsyD.

Jennifer earned her doctorate in psychology in 2007 and became a leading authority on parenting teen girls. She was invited to be on radio and television and was interviewed by top tier media for her work.

In 2010, her career came to a halt when she began tapering off the benzodiazepine she had taken as prescribed. What followed was a nightmare. Lost in the medically unrecognized benzo withdrawal syndrome, she suffered grueling physical and mental symptoms for years… until her brain and nervous system repaired itself from the damage the medication had caused.

Jennifer has dedicated herself to helping others navigate the frightening and exhausting journey of getting benzo free and healing. She coaches, blogs, and teaches workshops on various topics regarding recovery.

Her website is

My conversation with Jennifer flowed like a chat between two old friends. Through her journey of benzo withdrawal and her time helping others traverse this path, she has learned the essentials of success and shares them with us. Through a combination of faith, love, and neuroscience, Jennifer uncovered the essentials she discovered and explains why they are so important.


The Podcast

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