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It's Been A While...but I'm Still Here

I've started this blog a dozen times, but none seem to work.

It's not that there's nothing to say — in fact, quite the opposite. It's been over three months since my last post and so much has happened that I don't even know where to start. Regardless, here it goes...

In the past three months I've taken a much needed break — but that being said, I've not been idle. I've focused on my mental and physical health for a while, started a new project I had been planning for almost three years (more on that later), closed out a few other projects and responsibilities that took a lot of my time, driven from Colorado to Florida to Texas to Colorado to Arizona and back to Colorado (over 6,000 miles), hiked the backcountry of Tennessee and Georgia, visited a few theme parks in Orlando, dealt with symptoms and emotions and limitations galore, mourned the loss of my parents, cousins, and now a good friend, and learned a lot about about myself along the way.

One of my key focuses during this time was re-discovering myself, and my passion. Over the past couple of years, I stretched myself thin with projects, trainings, research teams, correspondence, proposals, conference submissions, membership sites, etc. We accomplished a lot, but somewhere in all the meetings and strategy sessions and document edits, I lost my way. I lost what brought me here. I lost my passion. And I was burned out.

So, I decided to go back to what I love. Podcasting. I love podcasting. I love talking with you. Sharing my struggles with you. Hearing about your struggles in your comments and emails. And maybe even finding some possible solutions along the way. This is my passion, and it's where I need to be.

So, as a result of all that, I'm back; and it's going to be a busy week.

After a four-month break, the Benzo Free Podcast has returned. Expect a new episode mid-week where I'll talk about what's been happening in my life, in the benzo community, with research, with the work groups, with Easing Anxiety, and whatever else comes to mind. I'm recording it today so it should be out soon.

But, there's also something new in the mist.

While I was away, I started recording a brand new podcast — one I've been planning for over three years. It's raw, unpolished, and full of mistakes and missteps — and I love it that way. Its about anxiety and being human, and it's just as imperfect as we are. I have dozens of episodes already recorded and ready for release starting this week. Listen to the upcoming episode of the Benzo Free Podcast for more info on this podcast. Or, click here to see the podcast page on our website where the episodes will be posted once they are released.

Well, I could ramble on and on as I so often do, but I will save that for the upcoming podcasts.

I want to let you all know how much I appreciate your emails, comments, and especially your patience. Thank you.

We had our break, and now it's back to work.

See you very soon,

D :)


Glad you are back. We have all missed your soothing voice.

Replying to

Hi Char, Thanks for the message and the text. I've missed you and I'm so glad you are still there listening. I appreciate your support as a friend. Talk soon, D :)

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