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Finishing the Florida Road Trip | More Episodes of "uneven"

Yesterday, I posted the final Florida Road Trip episodes of "uneven," recorded back at the beginning of the year.

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I am releasing about 30 episodes of this new podcast over 10 days or so. We're about half way there and plan to have them all caught up by April 1st. I'm notifying our mailing list with summary emails like this one so as not to overwhelm people's inboxes with multiple posts each day.

If you want to learn more about "uneven," check out our previous blog post where we provide a bit of background and links to the first seven episodes.

Here are links to episodes 8 - 15, finishing out the Florida Road Trip series. I hope you'll check them out:

  • Episode 8a sleepless night in baton rouge | florida road trip

    • It’s 1:19 in the morning, and I’m wide awake in a motel room in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Insomnia is no stranger to most of us, including yours truly. I share a few anxieties, a few gratitudes, and few thoughts about these endless nights.

  • Episode 9indecision, insomnia, & inclement weather | florida road trip

    • Stress causes indecision, which causes anxiety, which causes insomnia, which causes stress. See the cycle? For those of us with heightened reactions, life can get complicated. Join me in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a restless night of ruminations.

  • Episode 10on a lighter note, life is good | florida road trip

    • Still sleepless in Santa Fe, but doing better. This second episode of the night covers BIND, blame, compassionate responsibility, and my plans for more positive and productive content.

  • Episode 11 — the benefits of an emotional release | florida road trip

    • Sometimes in life, we desperately need an emotional release. And yet, we often don't realize it, let alone know what may trigger it. I took a walk this morning, overheard some dialogue, and had a nice lunch on the Santa Fe Plaza. But before all that, I had a good cry.

  • Episode 12are people really toxic? | florida road trip

    • How many people in your life do you consider toxic? How many do you believe consider you toxic? Is this term being overused? Let's take a look at toxicity, and explore how we can use balance, moderation, and hindsight to help maintain our relationships.

  • Episode 13 the anxiety of career confusion | florida road trip

    • Do we have a purpose in life — job wise? Is there that one perfect career choice? If so, how do we find it? What if we could know in advance? I’m still unsure of what I'm supposed to do in life. What about you?

  • Episode 14extreme anxiety? start with one small step | florida road trip

    • Some of you suffer from extreme states of anxiety. Paralyzing fear. And you can't even imagine taking a road trip to Florida, let alone leaving your neighborhood, or even your house. For those of you like that, there is hope. And it all starts with one, small step.

  • Episode 15 — lessons from the road | florida road trip

    • Back home in Colorado, and so glad to be here. Take a look back with me at the 4,500 mile journey. The lessons learned, the gratitudes gained, the limitations overcome and the connections made, the grief released and the friends embraced, and perhaps, just perhaps, the start of something grand. I hope you'll join me.

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Joanna Aleksiun
Joanna Aleksiun
28 de mar.

Hi D,

I can so relate to the anxiety you struggle with, after being off benzodiazepines for 5 1/2 years. I do think that getting a good walk and exercise everyday, eating food that nourishes our bodies and staying away from toxic people and situations as much as possible is key.

When I don’t get my sleep, my tinnitus acts up and my indecisiveness is heightened.

I talk to myself that this too shall pass and it does!

So tempting to drink to much coffee when we are tired or occasionally have a glass of wine, but my body will tell me later, that I will pay for this sloppy behaviour!

You are not alone in this journey D!


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