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Welcome to Our Prequel | More Episodes of "uneven"

Welcome back to our periodic summary of episode releases for our new podcast, "uneven."

As I mentioned before, we are releasing about 30 previously recorded episodes of the podcast over a period of about two weeks. I consider these all part of the "prequel" of the podcast (even those which are labeled as road trips), meaning that this is where I get to kick the tires, test the brakes, and try out a few things.

In early April, I will officially launch the "uneven" podcast with a specific kick-off episode, signifying the end of the podcast prequel. After that, all episodes of the podcast will be more timely — some even released the day I record them. I am committed to releasing at least one new episode each week, with more some weeks.

In this blog post, I'm summarizing several episodes I recorded back home after the Florida road trip on a variety of topics. As I mentioned before, I'm providing these summary blog posts so as not to inundate the mailing list recipients with too many emails.

If you want to learn more about "uneven," check out our previous blog post where we provide a bit of background and links to the first seven episodes.

Here are links to episodes 16-24 from our "prequel." I hope you'll check them out:

  • Episode 16sharing ourselves online | podcast prequel

    • Do we spend too much time on social media? Do we share too much of ourselves online? I host a podcast and deal with this everyday. How do we find balance and set boundaries in the new virtual world?

  • Episode 17phones, addiction, & boundaries | podcast prequel

    • Phones are ubiquitous with modern life. But are they cure, or curse? Most of us know that too much time online is detrimental to mental health. But, how much is too much? And how can we set boundaries to reduced the negative effects?

  • Episode 18principles, politics, and balanced perspectives | podcast prequel

    • Politics can generate significant anxiety, perhaps more now than in recent memory. I've leaned left. I've leaned right. But, I've always found my way back to the middle. A bit of balance, a modicum of moderation, and a lot of listening would eventually bring me home.

  • Episode 19missing life? stop chasing it | podcast prequel

    • Do you ever feel like you are chasing happiness? Chasing success? Fame? A better relationship? All the while, pushing the simple pleasures aside? Ignoring the joys that surround us? Well, me too. Perhaps there is a better way.

  • Episode 20what makes you happy? | podcast prequel

    • When I am sad, I talk to you. I turn on my digital recorder and share what I am thinking. This calms me. This relaxes me. This lifts my spirits. What activity does the same to you?

  • Episode 21 do we overdiagnose mental health? | podcast prequel

    • Millions of people have been diagnosed with psychiatric conditions, and many of them take medication. While this benefits some, there's also a dark side. Are we being over-diagnosed? Are we being over-medicated? And, is there a better alternative?

  • Episode 22my morning ritual: filling the social void | podcast prequel

    • I have a morning ritual — a trip to the grocery store to get my morning chai. While I do enjoy my chai, that is not the reason for the ritual. In a world where isolation is common, we find alternatives for social connections. For me, it's my local grocery store.

  • Episode 23 — should i delete embarrassing episodes? | podcast prequel

    • I've been caught in a quandary lately. Upon reviewing some of the more darker episodes from my road trip, I've been tempted to delete them. It was me at the time, but in hindsight I'm embarrassed by some of the content. What should I do?

  • Episode 24 — the stone door: clinging to expectations | podcast prequel

    • Expectations can be an enemy to enjoyment. Too often we expect one thing, receive another, and cannot adjust to the new reality. How do we enjoy the now, without being caught up in the what should have been?

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