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The Prequel for "uneven" is Finally Complete | New Episodes Starting Tomorrow

We have finally completed the release of the initial 36 episodes of "uneven." YAY! These episodes were recorded between December 30, 2023 and April 2, 2024 and covered two road trips — including a more recent trip to Arizona — and a variety of topics. This was a chance for me to test out the new format and get a feel for what works and what doesn't. I still have a lot to learn, but I think we had a good start.

Tomorrow, April 12th, we will post episode 37 which will be our official kick-off episode for the "uneven" podcast. After that, you can expect at least one new episode every week, if not more. And now that I have been able to catch up on the backlog for "uneven," I will also have a new episode of "The Benzo Free Podcast" coming out in the next week or so.

For these first 36 episodes of "uneven," I had posted a summary blog post listing them in groups so as not to inundate the mailing list recipients with too many emails. The last of these "prequel" episodes are listed below if you want to check them out. Going forward, when a new podcast is released it will go out individually, and immediately, to the mailing list.

Thanks for your patience and for checking out this new podcast. I look forward to learning from you and growing it together. If you want to learn more about "uneven," check out our previous blog post where we provide a bit of background and links to the first seven episodes.

Here are links to our final "prequel" episodes (episodes 25 - 36). I hope you'll check them out:

  • Episode 25anxiety, heights, and pushing too far | podcast prequel

    • Pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone is a useful exercise. I tested my anxieties in many ways on the road trip, including my fear of heights. Unfortunately, we can also push ourselves too far, too fast.

  • Episode 26snow, silence, and a bit of sanity | podcast prequel

    • The chaotic life that many of us lead builds tension and stress. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and notice the beauty around you as you reset your mindset for the day.

  • Episode 27overwhelm overload | podcast prequel

    • Overwhelm is such a common complaint. And, that goes double for those of us who deal with aggravating anxiety. Can simplifying expectations help us ease those expectations?

  • Episode 28wind, anxiety, & a new journey | arizona road trip

    • Does the wind stress you out? Are you more irritable and anxious on windy nights? Yeah… me too. Tonight, the chinook winds have arrived in Colorado — and it might be a long night.

  • Episode 29the cheers effect | arizona road trip

    • Spent a week at a 55+ RV park in Mesa, Arizona. Intrigued by the activity, positivity, and overall community here. We all need a place where people know our name.

  • Episode 3015 rules for happiness (hector's list from the movie) | arizona road trip

    • In the 2014 film, "Hector and the Search for Happiness," the main character identifies 15 rules for happiness. I thought discussing these today would make a fun podcast — and I have to admit, I had a great time recording it. I hope you like it too.

  • Episode 31distraction, avoidance, and anxiety | arizona road trip

    • While planning our road trip home from Mesa, a bit of travel anxiety returned. I've often used distraction and avoidance during times like this, but I know they're not true long-term solutions. Are there better choices?

  • Episode 32another emotional release (brian's song) | arizona road trip

    • Ending of the classic movie, "Brian's Song." And as expected, the tears begin to fall. Emotions — both positive and negative — are the essence of life — and a true blessing. Allowing ourselves to feel is a skill, but one worth learning.

  • Episode 33i have a say in how i age (wrapping up the road trip) | arizona road trip

    • Back home in Colorado after a very difficult end to the road trip. I review the takeaways from our stay in the 55+ RV park, and compare it with other retirees. Do we have a say in how we age?

  • Episode 34our desperate need to belong | prequel

    • 12:30am. Sleep again evades me. My brain fixates on my lifelong need for approval and acceptance. And yet, after 58 years, I may finally be doing something solely for myself — and it feels good.

  • Episode 35emotion, reason, & mindfulness | prequel

    • Right brain vs. left. Creativity vs. logic. Reason vs. emotion. Two distinct voices every person hears every single day, hour, and minute. But, which one should we listen to? And how do we avoid getting stuck? Let's take a look.

  • Episode 36random thoughts on a sleepless night | prequel

    • Another sleepless night and I just pressed record. No agenda, just thoughts. Companionship, making friends, brain cramps, mental health, pillow preference and a new Buc-ees. Just a friend — talking to another friend — trying to sleep. Sweet dreams.

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