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Rx Road Trip (Final): Life’s Detours

Road Trip to the Rx Summit in Atlanta (Final) / Presentation Cancellation, Vacation Reschedule, Benzo Community Activity, Social Media Effects, and Rollin’ with the Changes

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00:00 Which Day Is It?

00:19 Presentation / Vacation

04:59 What to Talk About?

05:48 Benzo Community Activity

06:15 Social Media Effects

08:30 Promoting Others’ Sites

10:12 Rollin’ with the Changes

12:23 Closing



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Rx and Illicit Drug Summit


The Podcast

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1 Comment

Charlene Grady
Charlene Grady
Apr 18, 2023

Thanks for sharing all of your adventures. I loved your road trip series. It makes me want to take a road trip when I feel a lot better. Have a great vacation.

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