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Things I Learned Teaching Benzo Peer Training

Updated: Feb 13

A benzo peer support training class can be quite educational — especially for the instructor. In early November, I had the pleasure of teaching a sold-out course to individuals with a wide mix of backgrounds. It was quite illuminating.

In today’s episode, I share some insights from teaching peer support training. I also discuss my response to some constructive criticism, look at our focus here at Easing Anxiety, and wish everyone a very happy holiday season.

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00:00 INTRODUCTION 00:16 Thanksgiving & Family 03:11 Feedback Form Fixed 04:18 Constructive Criticism 06:33 Our Direction / Indecision 07:22 Anxiety Management & BIND 10:43 Our Focus on Mental Health 13:52 Connecting with You 15:55 Not Medical Advice 16:33 How Ya Doin’? 19:48 FEATURE 21:28 About the Course 24:52 Benzos & Recovery (SUD) 30:06 Learning from Recovery (SUD) 31:20 Interaction & Discussion 33:08 Teaching BIND 36:10 Boundaries 37:16 Patient Boundaries 39:43 Caregiver Boundaries 41:31 Categories of Symptoms 48:37 Benzos and Alcohol 52:21 Active Benzo Community 54:25 You Got This! 56:02 CLOSING




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