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why am i so weak? (and other anxiety myths) | mental health | uneven 45

Individuals who suffer from anxiety-related disorders have often been labeled as "weak" — but, is there any truth in this? What causes our anxiety? Who else suffers from excessive anxiety? And is there an upside to having an overactive mind?


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0:00:00 and then along came a breeze

0:00:51 navy seal training

0:01:26 how weak am i?

0:02:24 wrote about this in my book

0:03:07 anxiety and the military

0:04:30 michael phelps

0:05:16 anxiety can be severe

0:06:36 nature vs. nurture

0:07:04 studies on anxiety genetics

0:09:24 environmental factors on anxiety

0:10:10 a little less self-critical

0:11:02 you're not alone

0:12:32 the brighter side of things

0:13:01 avoiding danger

0:13:31 famous people who suffer from anxiety

0:15:41 it's not that easy

0:16:13 just want a little understanding

0:18:13 shantideva and the leather quote

0:19:38 my anxiety, my responsibility

0:21:22 we're not weak, we're just different

0:22:16 in closing



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Recording Info

— RECORDED: Tuesday, April 30, 2024

— LOCATION: Colorado


The Podcast





Welcome to “uneven,” a podcast about life, anxiety, and being human. In such a chaotic world, how do we better our lives and the lives of those around us? Maybe, just maybe, we might find a few solutions together. Join veteran podcaster D E Foster as he explores the intimate struggles so many of us experience — often in silence. I hope you’ll join us.


The uneven podcast is for general information purposes only and should never be considered medical, psychological, or any other form of health advice. Health-related information provided is not a substitute for professional advice and should not be used to diagnose or treat health problems or to prescribe any medical devices, psychological treatments, or other remedies. Never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it.

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