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2-Hour Interview with D E Foster on Powers Benzo Coaching Podcast

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

I was recently invited to be a guest on the Powers Benzo Coaching Podcast with David Powers, and it was a wonderful experience. We recorded a lively, 2-hour conversation covering a wide variety of topics including benzo dependence and withdrawal, BIND, symptoms and symptom management, the science behind benzos, anxiety, the limbic system, psychology, music, film, and so much more. We even talked about his “rebuttal” video, which is how this all came to be (see below). He just posted the 2-part interview on his YouTube Channel and I hope you will check it out.

Interview - Part I

Interview - Part II

BACKGROUND STORY (The Rebuttal Video)

There is a bit of a story about how this interview came to be, and I thought I might share it with you here. A couple of days ago, a listener of my podcast informed me that a benzo coach just posted a “rebuttal” video on YouTube regarding my latest episode of the Benzo Free Podcast. This person advised that I check it out (see link below). So, I did just that.

I first read some of the video’s comments where there were a few individuals coming to my defense. I was touched by this and I am very grateful to my listeners for their amazing support. I will admit that I had heard of David and even reached out to him late last year to possibly bring him on as a guest on my podcast. Unfortunately, I hadn’t had the opportunity to follow-up with him due to my health complications and schedule. I also want to mention that David did reach out to me after his podcast was posted to make sure that there were no problems, and I appreciated that. So, I felt the next step was to listen to this episode.

I have to admit, I found nothing in the video that was insulting or offensive to me. In fact, I believe that his style, approach, and general philosophy of benzo recovery was not dissimilar to mine. While I may not have agreed with all of his conclusions, his reasoning was solid and I welcomed his viewpoint. I added a comment to the video thread and followed up with an email exchange with David. Then, before you knew it, we were online recording a two-hour interview for his podcast. I have to say that it was one of the most enjoyable conversations that I have participated in and that I truly enjoyed our interchange. If felt like I was talking with an old friend.

I want to thank David for inviting me onto his podcast and for the professional manner in which he approached this entire situation. I never once felt slighted and I am grateful to have his voice as part of the benzo community. I hope to have David on my podcast in the next month or two as I originally was trying to set up back in December.

Thanks David, D

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