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Announcing the New Easing Anxiety Website!

March 1, 2023 – After two years of work and many delays, I am proud to announce the launch of the new Easing Anxiety Website. There are many advancements and workflow improvements with this new site. I've listed some of the advancements and benefits below.

Here are some benefits of the new site:

  • More Frequent, Timely Content — The biggest gain from the new site is that it will simplify my life. By doing this, I can focus more on content.

  • Improved Processing Speed — The new site loads 4-5 times faster than the old site. Not only does this increase its usability, but it also leads to better SEO.

  • Top-Notch Search Functionality — Looking for a topic? Any topic? Use the search box in our menu bar. This new search is a vast improvement on what we had before.

  • Blog-Based Content — The new site has been built almost entirely on posts. All podcast episodes, videos, articles, stories, resources, and even informational pages are now posts. This makes the site easier to organize and more searchable.

  • Better Commenting — Wix provides a simplified, built-in commenting system on all posts. It's easy to use and encourages interactivity amongst our friends.

  • Podcast Categories — Looking for a specific podcast episode? Well, the new website is designed to help you. Not only can you use the search function in the menu bar, but you can also view our podcast episodes based on nine specific categories: Benzo Basics, Interviews, Symptoms, Mailbag, Benzo Life, Road Trips, Tips and Trivia, Live Events, and Grab Bag.

  • New Anxiety Section — While our primary focus has, and will continue to be, based on benzodiazepines, we have also released several videos on general anxiety along the way. This will continue and we have added a new section to the website specifically for anxiety.

  • Membership Infrastructure — One of the key gains with this new site is the ability to launch an online community, including a membership portal. This will be coming later in 2023.

This new site is a significant departure from the previous two sites. The other websites had been hosted on WordPress. While WordPress it was a very robust platform, the maintenance and upkeep of those sites took its toll. This new site is built on the Wix platform; and while it does have some limitations, those are far outweighed by its ease of use and built-in functionality. The primary goal for this change is to allow me to focus more on our content, and less on the extra work it takes to get that content out to you.

This is only the beginning. Most of the advantages of this new platform have not even been explored yet and will be added to the site in the coming months. The old Easing Anxiety site has already been retired, and I'm in the process of forwarding all links from the old Benzo Free site too. Once this is complete, there will be only one website for me to update, instead of three. And that makes D very happy. :)

Check out the new site if you get a chance.


D :)

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