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Coping Day-to-Day

I was recently reminded of the statement: "there is no way out of this but through it." So what are day-to-day, moment-by-moment strategies to get through it?

I have been asked what I did to help with the symptoms of benzodiazepine withdrawal and its after-effects. Here are some ideas that not only helped me feel calmer and deal with symptoms, but also helped me feel as if I was doing something productive.

I have also asked others in the on-line Benzo Warrior Community what they do. Here is a compilation of ideas to consider. Remember that while some may not be possible right now they may work in a few months.

When I just wanted to calm my inner world or deal with cognitive fog

  • Taking warm baths in low lights

  • Listening to the sounds of chimes, rainfall, or the ocean on apps

  • Coloring in adult coloring books with markers or colored pencils

  • Listening to audiobooks and podcasts, being careful to avoid topics that can provoke anxiety

  • Sitting outside and feeling the sun or the breeze

  • Taking walks, even if just to walk around the yard

  • Binging on TV shows

  • Petting or cuddling with a dog or cat

When I was able to do something more active

  • Using a loom to knit scarves that I gave to homeless people

  • Crocheting dish clothes for clothes, prayer shawls, or gloves for others

  • Baking and giving goods to neighbors (even starting with slice-and-bake cookies)

  • Tending to a garden

  • Playing word searches or solitaire on apps

  • Doing puzzles, sudoku

  • Collage making and scrapbooking

  • Journaling

  • Reading mostly fiction, romantic or historical often most helpful

  • Daily snippets of Spanish (insert language here) lessons

When I was ready to interact more with others

  • Joining support group sessions

  • During political campaigns, writing postcards to encourage people to vote and participating in campaign activities (all on-line)

  • Taking classes on Zoom

  • Being a healing buddy

  • Volunteering on-line

Do any of these ideas seem helpful? As always, we’d like to hear your feedback.

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Of the many, many things I did to try to distract myself away from my symptoms, two stand out: 1) using breathing techniques to calm my body down. I still use them regularly if I feel under pressure or I just want to relax. Works every time for me 2) getting onto BenzoBuddies to share my story and listen to others. In fact, before I came across D I found someone on BB who coached and guided me through what were horrendous times. I believe that without them I may not have made it through. Now BB can be a scary place if you are not mentally strong enough to deal with the negativity that you will come across at…

בתשובה לפוסט של

Hi Doryn, great post, really got me thinking about what I did and didn’t do.

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