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Food, Drink, & Anxiety | 101 Anxiety Tips (#3)

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Do certain foods cause anxiety? Do certain foods help ease anxiety? Does diet influence our overall mental health? And if so, can you lower your anxiety state by simply changing your diet? We tackle these and other questions in this video.

Welcome to our third video in the series: “101 Anxiety Tips.” In today’s video, we simplify the complex world of diet and anxiety into three key lists: 5 Beneficial Eating Habits, 5 Foods to Avoid or Limit, and 5 Foods to Embrace. Let me know if you enjoyed today’s video.

I hope you have a great day, D 😊

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00:00 Teaser 01:45 Does Diet Affect Anxiety? 03:05 5 Beneficial Eating Habits 05:35 5 Foods to Avoid or Limit 08:29 5 Foods to Embrace 11:03 Final Thoughts / Resources



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