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"from panic to power" | book report | uneven 44

Today, we kick off our Book Report series with "From Panic to Power" by Lucinda Bassett. This book helped me during some of my darkest days, and I just recommended it to a friend this past weekend — so I thought it was a good place to start.


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0:00:00 a few deep breaths

0:01:30 an emotional guy

0:02:00 book report series

0:03:39 one good sustainable idea

0:04:33 no one perfect book

0:05:55 idea for today's book

0:06:55 welcome to our first book report

0:08:16 "from panic to power" lucinda bassett

0:08:53 intro / "my anxiety is a gift"

0:09:33 alcoholics, ibs, and control

0:11:01 setting a goal to be "normal"

0:12:36 anticipation is worse than reality

0:15:09 letting go of our need for "control"

0:20:12 you are special, intelligent, and creative

0:21:53 tracking your negative self-talk

0:23:53 anxiety medication

0:25:50 your anxiety is your responsibility

0:27:20 difficult childhoods and anxiety

0:29:03 a sense of pride

0:30:08 chapters of the book

0:33:18 about the series

0:34:31 hitting the brain wall

0:35:36 podcast book club?

0:36:02 in closing



"From Panic to Power" by Lucinda Bassett (2001)

— Link to book on Amazon, 2001 edition

"From Panic to Power" by Lucinda Bassett (1997)

— Link to book on Amazon, 1997 edition

About Lucinda Bassett (Truth Be Told)

— Biography on Lucinda Bassett


Recording Info

— RECORDED: Monday, April 29, 2024

— LOCATION: Colorado


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Hi D.. do you know of a book about anxiety and asthma? I listen to all your podcasts and I have so many things i would like to comment or share. But I am very sick at the moment trying to cope with tapering and lung problems at the same time. My dog’s initial name was Murphy but we changed it to PADI for the scuba diving association. Hope to write to you soon.


Can highly recommend the work Lucinda does! 30+ years ago after the birth of my daughter I developed panic attacks that no dr could explain what they were and after 2yrs she had a TV ad on my exact symptoms, bought her series of cassette tapes and was amazed…

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