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Happy 5th Anniversary to the Alliance for Benzodiazepine Best Practices

Five Years and still going strong! Join Easing Anxiety in wishing the Alliance for Benzodiazepine Best Practices a wonderful 5th anniversary!

If you haven't heard of the Alliance for Benzodiazepine Best Practices (Alliance) before, it might be time you checked them out. Their work in the areas of benzodiazepine awareness, education, and patient support is ground-breaking and so varied that it is difficult to list in a single post. They continually make progress in the areas of reform initiatives, scientific research and articles, prescriber education, regulatory reform, and much more. Their website is a valued resource and provides "easily-accessible evidence-based information" for the patient, in addition to helpful medical information for prescribers.

I have had the privilege of working with the Alliance on a variety of projects — in particular with Bernie Silvernail (founder) and Dr. Alexis Ritvo (medical director) who is also my fellow co-chair at the Benzodiazepine Action Work Group. I am also on a research team supported by the Alliance. I must admit that it has been a true pleasure to work with this team these past few years and that I am truly grateful for the experience and knowledge gained.

Here is the mission of the Alliance to learn more about their focus:

The Alliance for Benzodiazepine Best Practices’ primary objective is to significantly reduce the number of benzodiazepine withdrawal sufferers by reducing the number of new prescriptions for benzodiazepines and Z-drugs, limit the duration of use, and provide an evidence-based pathway for deprescribing. Our focus is to illustrate the problems associated with benzodiazepines, illuminate alternatives to their use, and provide tools for clinicians to assist benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome sufferers. A complementary objective is to develop and promote best practices in benzodiazepine prescribing and problem management.

As part of their anniversary celebration, the Alliance for Benzodiazepine Best Practices will be offering a 100% match on all donations made to the organization until April 21st. If you've ever considered donating to support the work they do, now is a great time.

Our deepest thanks to the Alliance for all of their work in the benzo community over the past five years. Learn more about this celebration and find details about donating at:


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