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Road Trip: Post-Withdrawal Effects on Our Lives

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Once we withdraw from benzodiazepines, then what? What are we left with? What are the triumphs and what are the pitfalls? How do we handle the new challenges life throws at us? Where do we go from here?

In todays’ podcast, I share another road trip recording from a wooded trail in Kansas. We explore the complexities of life after withdrawal, talk a bit about W-BAD, and by request, I disclose the details of the situation with my folks, as requested. I hope you enjoy it.

Video ID: BFP083


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00:00  Introduction 04:48  Situation with my Folks 12:15  Benzo News (W-BAD) 15:15  Post-Withdrawal: The Good and the Bad 26:03  Moment of Peace 29:05  Closing



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