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The BIND Roundtable (Benzodiazepine Survey Research Team)

Join the Benzodiazepine Survey Research Team for a lively roundtable discussion about their research, the findings from the survey, and their latest paper which formally introduces the term benzodiazepine-induced neurological dysfunction, or BIND.

Benzodiazepine use and discontinuation are associated with nervous system injury and negative life effects that continue after discontinuation, according to the article “Long-term consequences of benzodiazepine-induced neurological dysfunction: A survey” published June 29, 2023, in the open access journal PLOS ONE.

The research team in attendance includes A. J. Reid Finlayson, MD, D E Foster, BA, Christy Huff, MD, Peter R. Martin, MD, MSc, and Alexis D. Ritvo, MD, MPH, along with moderator Angela Peacock, MSW.

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00:41 Introductions (Peacock)

06:02 Where It All Started (Huff)

07:27 Intro to the 3rd Paper (Ritvo)

09:15 Recognizing BIND Differentiation (Foster)

09:51 Is Withdrawal and BIND Different? (Martin)

12:00 Limitations / More Research Needed (Finlayson)

13:32 Delphic Process for Determining BIND (Ritvo)

16:23 Appropriateness of the Term BIND (Finlayson)

16:44 BIND Definition (Ritvo)

17:18 Neuroadaptation & Neurotoxicity (Martin)

20:40 Adverse Life Events (Ritvo)

22:22 What’s Next for the Team? (Martin)

24:45 What About Other Psych Drugs? (Ritvo)

28:12 Any New Research Projects? (Foster)

28:44 Narrative Study of Benzo Buddies (Huff)

29:22 Scoping Literature Review on Long-Term Benzo Effects (Ritvo)

30:35 Overuse, Effectiveness, & Mental Health (Finlayson)

32:17 Toxicity of Benzodiazepines / Patient Resistance (Martin)

34:54 Confusing for Doctors Too / Never Realized How Toxic Benzos Are (Martin)

36:11 Most Symptoms Are New (Martin)

37:44 Large Data Analysis (Finlayson)

38:04 Any Research on Actual Neurology / Physiology (Martin)

38:55 Important to Narrow Down Symptoms of BIND (Finlayson)

39:17 Long Term Effects of Benzos & Other Psych Drugs (Finlayson)

41:31 Neurotoxicity & Hope / People Do Heal (Foster)

42:41 People Do Heal / She Is Healed (Huff)

43:18 Connections with Others/ Anesthetize Our Limbic System (Finlayson)

45:16 It’s Hard on Doctors Too / Pathologize Life Problems (Martin)

49:40 Marathon Not a Sprint (Ritvo)

51:47 That’s a Wrap (Peacock)

52:22 Acknowledgments (Foster)



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NEW PUBLICATION (3rd Paper / Focus of Roundtable)

— Ritvo A, Foster DE, Finlayson R, Silvernail B, Martin P. Long-term consequences of benzodiazepine-induced neurological dysfunction: A Survey. PLOS ONE. June 29, 2023.


— Reid Finlayson AJ, Macoubrie J, Huff C, Foster DE, Martin PR. Experiences with benzodiazepine use, tapering, and discontinuation: an Internet survey. Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology. 2022;12. doi:10.1177/20451253221082386.

— Huff C, Finlayson AJR, Foster DE, Martin PR. Enduring neurological sequelae of benzodiazepine use: an Internet survey. Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology. 2023;13. doi:10.1177/20451253221145561.


— BIND Definition (The Alliance for Benzodiazepine Best Practices) — — Basics of BIND (Easing Anxiety) —


— The Alliance for Benzodiazepine Best Practices — — Benzodiazepine Information Coalition (BIC) — — Easing Anxiety (The Benzo Free Podcast) — — The Benzodiazepine Action Work Group (BAWG) — — A Peacock Consulting (Angela Peacock) —


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