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Benzodiazepine Information Coalition (BIC)

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

We seek to break the stigma and raise awareness around prescribed benzodiazepine injury; provide a voice to the patients who are suffering, and facilitate research and access to competent, evidence-based medical care for those impacted by benzodiazepine-induced disability.

We are a group of patients and medical professionals who believe the over-prescription of benzodiazepines without proper warning has resulted in a growing national epidemic of benzodiazepine injury. While we understand and respect the value of these drugs when used appropriately, deep and widespread ignorance of their risks on the part of patients and prescribers has caused enormous and preventable suffering.

Finding accurate information on benzodiazepines is extremely difficult. Many prescribers are not informed about the issues arising from as-prescribed use, while many websites are selling inappropriate and dangerous solutions for financial gain. Our coalition is different. With both professional and patient experience, we exist solely to raise awareness of the complex issues surrounding prescribed benzodiazepine use, and to prevent further patient injury.

Our advocacy and awareness efforts consider the potentially deadly consequences to patients and society arising from inadequate understanding of these problems by the medical profession and general public, such as inappropriate prescribing of these medications, mislabeling prescribed physical dependence as addiction, and subjecting patients to forced cessations.

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