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10 Anxiety Tips for Dealing with Relationships during COVID

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Is the virus escalating your anxiety? Is it complicating your relationships? Is maintaining intimacy and healthy communication with those you love a near-impossible task? If so, you are in good company. Relationships are complicated enough. Add anxiety and the virus to the mix, and we have a recipe for distress. Thankfully, we can improve things.

For today’s video, “10 Anxiety Tips for Dealing with Relationships during COVID,” I checked in with a half-dozen experts, mixed in a parade of video clips, and came up with these ten tips on relationships and anxiety. Who knows, maybe a couple of them just may help. I hope you enjoy this video, and have a great day, D 😊

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00:00 Introduction 03:44 10) Expand Your Support System 04:45 9) Keep a Routine 06:50 8) Understand Your Anxiety… 09:17 7) Check Anger Levels 10:54 6) Have Fun 13:00 5) Allow Opposing Opinions 17:17 4) Speak Up 19:27 3) Alone Time 21:15 2) Grace and Gratitude 23:08 1) Keep a Routine 24:29 Closing



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