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Anxiety & Exercise | 101 Anxiety Tips (#2)

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Does exercise help with anxiety? Can it ease the symptoms of chronic anxiety or GAD? What about depression and overall mental health? And if it does help, what type of exercise is best? How much is enough? And how do you get started?

Welcome to the second video in our series “101 Anxiety Tips” on Easing Anxiety. I hope you enjoy it. If you like what you see, please subscribe and leave a comment. Thanks for watching and have a great day. 😊

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00:00 Teaser 01:25 Is exercise really Important? 03:17 Is there evidence of its benefits? 05:16 What are the benefits for anxiety? 07:45 Does it need to be aerobic exercise? 08:47 How much exercise is enough? 09:30 Should I see my doctor first? 10:14 What type of exercise is best? 11:43 How do I get motivated? 13:24 Closing



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