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BENZO STORY: Roy from Bremerton, Washington

Updated: Feb 28, 2023


Roy’s story is that of a dedicated caregiver. A man caring for a women tapering from long-term benzo use, and the lessons he has learned from this experience.



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Content Warning

Stories presented on Easing Anxiety may contain triggering content. If this is a concern for you, please refrain from reading any further. These stories are provided for informational purposes only and should never be considered medical advice. Opinions stated are those of the author only. See our disclaimer at the bottom of this post for more information.


Roy’s Story

I have an amazing woman in my life who has been on a benzo for over 27 years. She has slowly been tapering off of them for about a year now. I think she’s doing amazing and cannot be more proud of her strong will. Let me start by telling you a little about me.

I have an amazing woman in my life who has been on a benzo for over 27 years.

I’m an Army Veteran who suffers mildly from PTSD. I have suffered from depression since childhood. Let’s say not the best childhood. I have been in and out of treatment for the past 15 years for alcoholism and PTSD.

A few months before my girlfriend and I got started dating, my father committed suicide. Having my father die in front of me was something I’ll never forget. Shortly after she and I started dating, I lost my sister to cancer. So, coming into a relationship like this was definitely a challenge for us both.

I started the relationship with being irritable at times, which is a HUGE trigger for her or anyone for that matter. The more she and I dated, I started to learn from her. I knew that if I wanted this relationship to work, I needed to change. So, I slowly started to pause, listen, and observe.

I have since grown to be more understanding and far less irritable. I am very blessed to have such a strong-willed person in my life. We have been dating for almost three years now, and it was early on when she told me about her [dependence] and her willingness to get off the drug.

Naturally, I was supportive. Being new to a relationship like this, it naturally had its ups and downs. She would withdraw, get quiet or even go to the extreme sometimes, and want to break up. Needless to say, we would always work it out and stay together.

There were times when I was not sure if I angered her or did something wrong. If I asked what was wrong or anything like that, it would only make it worse. I know that when she is distant or withdrawn, to just let it ride its course. I’ve learned that if I try to cheer her up, or rub her leg or anything like that, she at that moment does not need nor desire to be touched. I know it has nothing to do with me, It’s just a symptom she’s having at the time.

I try to do as much as possible so she doesn’t have to.

I try to do as much as possible so she doesn’t have to. I want her to be able to have a very relaxed day and have some good quality her time. I try to encourage her as much as possible. I’ll pick her up when she’s down, and even carry her if I have to.

My girlfriend and I have the same interest and desires… to travel and climb every mountain in the U.S. and see all the sites we can soak up. We are hiking as much as possible, or doing anything outdoors. If she’s having a bad day, put her on the trail and she slowly pops out of it.

Guess the advise I ask is, are there any other things I can do to help her through this transition she’s going though? Any things I maybe should not do? I only want to help her through all of this, as she’s has endured so much in life.

She has been a very patient and understanding partner, and I am forever indebted to her. She has taught me patience, tolerance, and understanding.

I am better man thanks to her. Roy.


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