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Conversation with a Caregiver

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

The underappreciated angels of the benzo community are the caregivers. What’s it like to take care of someone going through benzo withdrawal? What are the key hurdles? What are the burdens? And most of all, what are the secrets that no one told you?

In today’s episode, D interviews his very own wife and caregiver, Shana Foster, who shares her insights from 17 years of experience. We also have a benzo story from Indonesia and shine our spotlight on W-BAD and their benzo awareness efforts.

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FEATURE: Conversation with a Caregiver (Interview)



In today’s intro, I introduced Caregiver Week and shared a bit about this celebration at Benzo Free. I also mentioned a new addition, or more accurately, a return, to our podcast format. The “Moment of Peace” is back at the end of each episode by popular demand.



This is where we share questions and comments which were discussed:

  • QUESTION: How do you define long-term user? Nancy, from England, wrote us and was concerned that I only spoke to long-term users, which would exclude her who was on a benzo for 18 months. I told her that I considered long-term users as anyone who has continually taken a benzo for longer than two weeks, which clearly puts her in the long-term category.

  • QUESTION: Will I get email notification each Wednesday with a link to the podcast? This was a question from Monte, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The answer, is yes, if you subscribed to our email list at


Benzo Stories

I shared a story today from Hendy in Jakarta, Indonesia.



Today’s featured topic: Conversation with a Caregiver

As I mentioned in our introduction, today’s feature is an interview that I had with my wife and caregiver, Shana Foster. Shana has dealt with a spouse dependent on benzos for almost 17 years, of which the last six dealt with withdrawal complications. Shana also wrote the chapter in my book on the caregiver and shares some of the same tips here in the interview as she did in the book.


The Podcast

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