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Happy Holidays: Anxiety, Gratitude, and a Positive Recap of 2020 (VLOG)

Updated: Mar 21

This past year was difficult for so many. But as with all years, there was a lot of good too. In today’s VLOG, I look at some of the positive events of this past year. I also talk a bit about our progress here at Easing Anxiety, share my wishes for the coming year, and make plenty of flubs and guffaws (big surprise 😊) which I hope adds a bit of laughter and levity to your holiday. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Holidays from Easing Anxiety.

Wishing you joy, love, and peace, D 😊

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00:00 Introduction 01:25 Our Two YouTube Channels 05:44 Benzo Live Chat — Thank You 06:55 The Good in 2020 08:33 The Good: Easing Anxiety Recap 12:03 The Good: FDA Warning 13:48 The Good: Internet Communication 15:56 The Good: Sports 16:40 The Good: Delivery 17:33 The Good: More Time at Home 18:37 The Good: Time Outside 19:40 The Good: Animal Adoption 20:29 The Good: Drive In Movies 21:10 The Good: Space Exploration 22:21 The Good: Creativity and Resiliency 23:40 The Good: Virus and Vaccine 24:32 The Good: Front Line Workers 25:31 The Good: Teachers and Parents 27:42 Two Things: Be Grateful 28:05 Two Things: Find Grace 31:28 Making Mistakes 32:10 Closing: Enjoy the Season


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  2. VIDEO: Benzo Mornings Live Chat (12/19/2020)



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