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Help Us Honor Prof. Ashton

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Prof. C. Heather Ashton spent 12 years working with benzo recovery patients in her clinic and fought tirelessly to raise awareness of this issue and help those who are struggling with benzo dependence. She is retired now but is praised by many as the world’s leading expert on benzo withdrawal. Her guide to withdrawal, commonly called “The Ashton Manual,” has become a universal guide to thousands of people around the world. No other resource has helped more people through this challenging experience.

I can’t tell you the number of times when I had a question or concern and went to her manual for help. I found her writing not only educational but reassur­ing and comforting. While her manual is full of medical facts and valuable information, she finds a way to let you know that she believes you can succeed and motivates you to do just that.

Please, sign the petition to help encourage the British government to honor Prof. Ashton for her amazing work and to help spread the word about these dangerous drugs.

Thank you,

D E Foster


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