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On the Road with Benzos: Stress, Sickness, and Symptoms

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

What’s it like being sick while in protracted benzo withdrawal, or BIND? Do you rest or push through it? Do you take medication? Antibiotics? Steroids? What if you’re away from home? And what do you do to avoid getting sick next time?

In today’s episode, D shares his experience on the road battling a respiratory virus, along with a wave of symptoms from BIND. He also explores self-care, setting priorities in life, and finding some positivity in the entire experience. I hope you find it helpful.

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00:00 Preface 03:31 Welcome 04:18 Road Trip & Illness 07:06 Benzo Chats 07:37 Back in KC 08:56 About this Episode 10:37 Crazy Two Years 13:50 Postponing Self-Care 15:10 Prioritizing Life 18:32 Good Morning 20:00 Antibiotics and BIND 23:02 Sick and Depressed 26:04 Running Out of Kleenex 28:32 A Different Fear of Commitment 32:24 Panic at a Wedding 38:33 Still Here, Still Sick 40:44 Still, We Are Blessed 43:00 The Importance of Self-Care 48:00 Back Home in Colorado 49:05 Finding the Positive 54:27 Closing


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