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Our Mailbag: Symptoms, Science, Socialization and Success

Benzos and grief, diet, and distension. Benzos and pets, laughter, and levity. Benzos and indecision and lack of memory. Benzos and research, internet, and advocacy. So many topics, so much to discuss.

In today’s episode, we dive into our mailbag again to hear from you. D shares some comments, answers some questions, and even reads some critical feedback. Join us for a few insights and friendly discussion.

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02:25 The Gift of Caregiving

04:13 Our New Puppy

05:48 The Social Benefit of Dogs

07:50 Recent Blog Posts at EA

09:41 1,000 YouTube Subscribers

11:53 Graham, Jimmy, & Robin

17:07 Lightening the Load

21:45 A.I. and Being Genuine


24:33 Indecision and Control

28:11 Five Stages of Grief

29:25 No One Path

31:11 Connection So Important

32:45 Benzo Belly

35:58 What Is a Healthy Diet?

38:00 Way Too Much About Me

39:04 Angie at Burning Man

42:00 Internet for Awareness

43:38 Research Is Important

45:19 Internet Limitations

46:09 Content Vying for Coverage

47:27 Has My Memory Improved?

50:51 Thanks for the Comments




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INTRODUCTION — Easing Anxiety Blog Posts: — Our New Puppy Blog Post: MAILBAG — Indecision — — 5 Stages of Grief — — Who Am I Now? — — Benzo Belly (Take 2) — — Lazy Morning on the Patio — — Angela Peacock — — BIND Roundtable — — Benzo Brain —


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