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Rx Road Trip (Day 5-6): Conference Day 1 / Symptom Management

Road Trip to the Rx Summit in Atlanta (Day 5-6) / 1st Day of Rx Summit, Small Victories, Managing Benzo Limitations, BIND, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Urinary Difficulties, Fear of Heights, and Finding Ways to Do Things

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00:00 Welcome to Days 5-6

00:28 Day 5 Recap

01:31 First Day of Conference

04:15 Benzo Morning Obsessions

06:50 Small Victories

07:13 Managing Limitations

07:47 Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

10:45 Managing PFD

14:57 Symptom Management

15:50 Fear of Heights

17:40 Finding Ways to Do Things

19:06 Thought Train Derailment 2

20:30 Closing



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Rx and Illicit Drug Summit


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Thank you so much for your impressions of your trip.

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