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The Blog is … back?

Updated: Mar 23

Hello friends… it’s been a while.

I’ve had a few people ask about the Benzo Free Blog recently. Most of them were wondering if it will return. I must admit, I’ve had similar questions myself. While the podcast has been going strong and gaining listeners each month, the blog appears to be mostly…well…dead.

The fact is, the rumors of the death of our blog are a bit premature. Yes, it has been over two months since I posted a new article. And yes, that is a very long time in Internet time. But, it doesn’t mean it is dead. At least, I hope not.

…the rumors of the death of our blog are a bit premature.

What happened? It’s a simple explanation, actually. I just over-extended myself. Those of us who go through benzo withdrawal and start feeling better often try and do too much, too fast. I should have known better.

As many of you know, I’ve always envisioned Benzo Free as a community. One where we all contribute and benefit from each other’s wisdom. This has worked wonderfully for the podcast. Your contributions via questions, comments, and benzo stories are the heart of that show. But unfortunately, it hasn’t quite worked out for the blog.

I was hoping by now to have some contributors writing articles which would then free me up to focus more on the podcast and website. I’ve had a few interested individuals, but most of them are in the middle of benzo withdrawal and it’s hard enough for them to read a full-length article, let alone write one. They need to focus on their healing right now, and I completely understand that.

Still, I don’t want the blog to go away — at least not yet. So, my new goal for the blog is to post 1-2 articles a month, minimum. Perhaps even once a week if I have enough energy. I realize that it is not much, but I hope it will keep it alive for now. If anyone would like to contribute to the blog or any other content on Benzo Free, please let me know. Just fill out our feedback form.

I am overwhelmed and amazed at the wonderful feedback I’ve received from so many of you over the past year. We are now on our second year at Benzo Free and I’m truly excited about what’s to come.

Keep calm, taper slowly, and take care of yourself, D :)

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