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When COVID Meets BIND: How Does Long COVID Affect Benzo Withdrawal?

What happens when COVID meets BIND? What happens when someone in protracted benzodiazepine withdrawal gets long COVID? Does it set off a wave? Does it make their benzo symptoms worse? Tune in for answers and more.

In today’s episode, we explore COVID and benzodiazepine withdrawal (BIND). We also look at endogenous benzodiazepines, hear two benzo stories of success, and visit the launch of our new website and social media feeds. I hope you find it helpful.

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0:03:10 Podcast Anniversary

0:05:15 MAILBAG

0:05:52 Endogenous Benzodiazepines

0:07:21 Benzodiazepines in Potatoes


0:10:47 About the New Website

0:12:48 Member Community on EA

0:14:55 About Membership Tiers

0:17:21 Our Handle / YouTube

0:19:29 Social Media


0:24:08 Ted’s Story

0:27:08 Judith’s Story

0:30:41 FEATURE: COVID and Benzos

0:34:11 D’s COVID Experience

0:38:57 Jennifer: Could the vaccine be a trigger?

0:40:33 Dan: COVID, Flu, and a Big Wave

0:41:37 Jürg: COVID Setback?

0:45:14 Annette: COVID Constriction

0:46:36 Chuck: A Medical Perspective

0:49:11 Benzos and COVID Immunity

0:50:13 Benzos and COVID Drugs

0:51:12 Benzos and COVID Hospitalization

0:52:11 Long COVID and BIND

0:54:28 Long COVID Digestion Issues

0:56:30 Neurological Effects of COVID

0:58:53 COVID and Dysphagia (Swallowing)

1:00:10 Long COVID Frequency

1:00:53 My Theory / Summation

1:01:58 Finding Hope

1:04:46 CLOSING



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