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When the Rains Fall: Enduring Benzo Withdrawal

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

When the dark clouds of benzo withdrawal engulf you, how do you respond? Do you lock the door? Curse the world around you? Protect yourself and hide from life? Or is there another choice? One that takes time but may lead down a better path.

In today’s podcast, I am back on the road again and on my favorite trail during a downpour. I used this experience as a metaphor for the choices we make during benzo withdrawal. Join me as we talk about facing our fears, discuss getting through each day, and announce an upcoming BAWG event for W-BAD.

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00:00  Introduction 04:14  W-BAD Event 06:27  A Little Rain Must Fall 08:05  A Sense of Hope 09:53  Getting Through Each Day 11:14  Facing the Rain 14:02  Frozen by Fear 17:42  Inviting Change 20:00  Moment of Peace



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