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"Benzo Free: The World of Anti-Anxiety Drugs and the Reality of Withdrawal" by D E Foster

Updated: Mar 23, 2023


About the Book

Ever heard of benzodiazepines? How about z-drugs? Perhaps you know their brand names, like Ambien, Ativan, Klonopin, Lunesta, Valium or Xanax. Millions of people around the world take these drugs every day and very few know much about them, let alone what it’s like to withdraw. My hope is to help change that.

For those who experience benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome (BWS), incessant questions run rampant, but answers are few. I searched high and low to find information during my withdrawal, and in the midst, Benzo Free was born. By the time I finished writing the first draft, I’d spent four years reading and cataloging over a thousand separate articles, books, and scientific studies.

In this book, I aim to present an honest and objective look at the world of anti-anxiety drugs and provide some encouragement, solace, and even a few answers for those who struggle each day from their effects.


About the Author

D E Foster is the founder of Easing Anxiety, host of The Benzo Free Podcast, and author of the book Benzo Free: The World of Anti-Anxiety Drugs and the Reality of Withdrawal. He is also Co-Chair and a founding member of the Benzodiazepine Action Work Group (BAWG) at the Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention and a global advocate supporting those struggling with benzodiazepine dependence and withdrawal.

To learn more about D, you can read his complete bio here.


What Others Say…

Here are some reviews from Amazon

Brilliant !! Amazing book !! I love the authenticity & the integrity the brilliant author beautifully shares with his readers !!


Great read Great asset to anyone in recovery or anyone supporting anyone in recovery


A must read for anyone wanting to get off benzos or help others do that. Excellent information for clinicians, doctors, or anyone wanting to know more about benzos. This author does an amazing job at thoroughly researching the information and presents in a way that is easy to follow. Very personable author and his warm personality shines through the pages.


Excellent if you suffer from withdrawal This book has helped me better understand the issues a significant person in my life has suffered from. I found it informative and an inspiring read. I would recommend it to others who want to better understand the unintended consequences from using any type of benzos. I’m also a former pharmaceutical executive and this author’s perspective on the issues is spot on.

S. Dunshee

A must read…dealing with Benzos This book is amazing… The book was written in a way that anyone can understand, even though this author went through the withdrawal & is healing…he has a sense of humor too. I enjoyed the way he stated questions & answered. Thank you D E Foster, for helping me to understand what you & others are going through.

Brandy Renee

A must read What a gift this book is too the world. A must read for anyone experiencing life on or after Benzo drugs. D has a beautiful and hilarious way to inform and share on such a tragic topic. Very informative with tons of concrete data to back it up. A true labor of love for those of us who just want to know we will get through this and our experience is real and validated.


Great book full of great information This is a very well written book; it has almost a question and answers feel to it. It also has lots of facts and studies, a real gem of a book if your stuck on a benzo and want more info in to how to get off or explanations as to why you feel awful coming off. The author also does a weekly podcast which is extremely interesting. All in all a really good well written book. Wish Dr’s and GP’s would read it ! The good news is that we all recover and this book shows that .


Highly recommend I found this book to be very reader friendly, chock full of well researched information that is documented and notated. It’s written in a format that holds one’s attention, adding a touch of humor which adds just a bit of lightness to an otherwise extremely serious subject. All in all, brilliant, excellent book I’d highly recommend. Great for the interested be it professionally or personally.


True account of benzo withdrawal. This audio book helped me understand what was going on when I became dependent on a prescribed benzo (after 2 mos. of use) and had to taper off of it.

Terri A.

Very educational! This book was incredibly educational, and it was written in a way that was very easy to digest. Thanks to the author for sharing his research and personal experience.

Erin E. Ward


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