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Benzo Mornings: Anxiety, Symptoms, and Loneliness

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Benzo withdrawal is personal. It’s intimate. And most of all, it can be very isolating. Fear and loneliness are pervasive in withdrawal and we frequently crave understanding, compassion, and connection. But does it really have to be that way?

In today’s episode, I share my thoughts and struggles with anxiety, symptoms, fear, and loneliness from a recent road trip to Kansas City. We also have a question about hypochondria, a story from California, and a brief discussion about the loss of social skills.

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00:00 Theme 00:57 INTRODUCTION 03:05 Social Awkwardness 06:10 MAILBAG: Hypochondria 12:10 BENZO STORY: Kim’s Story 21:40 FEATURE: Introduction 23:23 Good Morning / Morning Anxiety 25:28 Back to Basics 26:35 Alone on the Road 28:46 A Place to Recharge 30:51 Knowing Ourselves 32:58 Benzo Moments / Differences 34:35 Getting Up 35:47 Good Evening 36:18 I Still Struggle / Mistakes 38:25 Anxiety is a Lonely Business 43:23 Distancing / Taking Chances 45:37 Connecting with You 51:33 Closing 53:40 MOMENT OF PEACE



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Today’s intro was short. I spoke briefly about a new symptom of mine, TMJ, and explored the loss of social skills some of us may face as we heal from benzo withdrawal.



In today’s mailbag we explored a question from Chris in Melbourne, Australia about hypochondria and the insatiable quest for answers about our ongoing parade of symptoms.


Benzo Story

Today’s story is one of hope from Kim in California.



Today’s feature is a unique one. I share my thoughts and struggles during those alone times on the road. It’s almost become a tradition here on the Benzo Free Podcast, that when I take a road trip I record my musings from the road, from the hotel rooms, and from those difficult mornings we all face. And this recent trip to Kansas City a couple of weeks back, was no different.

In today’s feature, I discuss the consistent loneliness and isolation we face, especially when we are without, or away from, those we love. I also talk about the lack of true understanding from those around us for what the experience of benzo withdrawal is truly like, the mistakes I’ve made along the way, and the habits many of us practice which isolate us and even push others away just when we need them the most.


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