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Managing the Fear of Benzo Withdrawal (Part 2 of 3)

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Are you in benzo withdrawal? Do you feel stuck? Hopeless? Do you wish you could be more positive? More active? In part two of this three-part series, you will learn tips for improving your physical and mental health.

Maintaining a positive mindset during withdrawal may sound like a near impossibility — but it’s a goal worth fighting for. And keeping active — while a continuous struggle – can be equally as challenging but just as key to your sanity and success.

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This episode is part of a 3-part series.

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Episode Summary

Welcome to the second segment of our 3-part series on Managing the Fear of Benzo Withdrawal. This series is derived from a chapter in my book titled, “Managing the Fear,” which focuses on reducing the fear, anxiety, and stress during benzo withdrawal.

Before we dive too deep into our featured topic, we will chat a bit and cover a few questions in our Q&A section on short-term use and symptoms in protracted withdrawal.


Feature Series

SERIES: Managing the Fear of Benzo Withdrawal

In my opinion, fear, and the stress and anxiety related to that fear, cause more distress and more complications during withdrawal than anything else. And this fear is not some natural psychological fear. It’s chemically enhanced.

On top of the original anxieties we had before our dependence on benzos, we now have a damaged nervous system that can’t process fear correctly. A system that can send us into a panic state — both psychologically and physiologically — at the least sign of distress.

Above all, stop worrying. Worry, fear and anxiety increase all withdrawal symptoms. Many of these symptoms are actually due to anxiety and not signs of brain or nervous system damage. People who fear withdrawal have more intense symptoms than those who just take it as it comes and think positively and confidently about recovery. Prof. Ashton, The Ashton Manual

This series is broken down into three separate parts:

PART 1 ( — Series Introduction — 1) Taking Responsibility for Your Own Recovery

PART 2 (this video) — 2) Keeping Positive — 3) Maintaining Mental and Physical Activity

PART 3 ( — 4) Having Kindness for Yourself and Others — 5) Finding Acceptance of Your Condition


Episode Description

Today we discuss two essential elements to maintaining a stable mindset during withdrawal: positivity and activity.

2) POSITIVITY Allowing your feelings to happen, all feelings, is critical to maintaining mental health. A positive mindset is not about suppressing your feelings or glossing over them and putting on a good face. That plan of attack can lead to disaster. What I’m talking about is a positive mindset. You still feel sad, angry, mad, and everything else at different times. But when something happens in your life, you will lean a bit more on the positive side than the negative side. Focus on what is good in your life.

\3) ACTIVITY Keeping an active mind and body is critical to success during withdrawal. More and more studies show that keeping your mind active is key to keeping it healthy. This goes double for people with anxiety and triple for people going through benzo withdrawal. And being physically active is equally as important. Studies have shown that the first twenty minutes of exercise garners the most health benefits. Even if you can’t do anything else, a brisk walk every day can do wonders. It’s not just about exercise, it’s about being active.



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The Podcast

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