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The Dinner Party: Caregivers, Relationships, and Living with BIND (Benzo Chat)

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Two benzo survivors. Two caregivers. Pizza. Cookies. And a covered porch in a rainstorm.  What else could you want? Join us for this very special and revealing conversation about living with benzos from two couples who know it intimately.

In today’s episode, we share our second benzo chat recorded on our recent road trip. On June 5th of this year, Shana and I joined Steve and Heather on a porch at their home in the great state of Iowa. The evening was delightful. We talked about benzos for over an hour and learned so much from each other. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Video ID: BFP104


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0:00:00 Intro 0:04:52 BENZO CHAT 0:06:10 Steve’s Benzo Story 0:11:58 Caregivers 0:12:52 Heather’s Story 0:16:11 Caregiver Self-Care 0:18:21 It’s OK to Not Be OK 0:20:20 Discovering the Cause 0:21:47 Wave Attacks 0:23:51 Snipe Hunting 0:24:19 Pushing Through 0:25:39 Communication 0:27:58 Drug Potency 0:29:17 Advice Roundtable 0:38:37 Communication 0:42:48 Dinner in the Rain 0:43:16 Support Systems 0:45:32 Self-Care / Meditation 0:46:39 We Get Better 0:48:42 Happy Moments (Dad Jokes) 0:55:15 Frustration / Irritation 0:55:59 Enough Guilt to Go Around 0:57:34 Setbacks & Limits 0:59:15 Lowering the Bar 1:01:10 More Info Available 1:03:01 Last Words 1:06:06 Closing



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