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The Loss of Reality: Perception Symptoms of Benzo Withdrawal

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Our central nervous system not only provides sensations of pleasure and pain, but it also interprets our perception of reality. In benzo withdrawal, that sense of reality can be altered creating an inescapable fog of detachment and illusion.

In today’s episode, we explore perceptual symptoms of benzo withdrawal including derealization, depersonalization, hallucinations, and perceptual distortions. We also answer a question on cognitive dysfunction and returning to the workplace, hear a story from Louisiana, and discuss our recent website issues.

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Episode Summary

Today, we have part nine in our 14-part series on withdrawal symptoms of benzo withdrawal by focusing on perception symptoms in withdrawal. We also hear a short benzo story from Louisiana, discuss our recent website issues at Benzo Free, and answer a couple of questions.



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FEATURE: Perception Symptoms in Benzo Withdrawal


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